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Lesley Lattimer

Helping people is our passion; getting people moving better is our goal. We strive to reduce pain and prevent future reoccurrences, wherever we can.

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About Lesley

I have been a Sports Massage Therapist for over 5 years. I am Level 4 Qualified and can assess and treat for a range of conditions.

I have been qualified in the fitness industry for over 15 years, and have studied to a level of Specialist Exercise Instructor.

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Health Benefits of Massage

Benefits of sports massage & movement therapy
Non Specific Low back pain probably affects around one-third of the UK adult population each year. Massage can help ease your recovery.
Massage is good for mental health, studies show that patients had 6 massages on a regular basis, and measurable improvements were made.
Most people that train hard benefit from a regular massage to keep the body working correctly. It works on touch and the nervous system, and helps the body recover quickly.
Massage and exercise are now encouraged during, before and after treatment. It is proven to reduce stress, help you keep healthy and stronger, make you feel better.
Medical dry needling is used alongside Sports Massage, it helps by improving the blood flow, breaking down tight tissue and is good for pain relief.

You should also know

Frequent massage can create all kinds of health benefits.
Massaging increases blood flow and oxygen which helps soothes pain and reduces inflammation. Think of massages as a natural painkiller! After a massage your range of motion will also improve due to the removal of build-up lactic acid which causes stiffness in muscles.
Massage can help. Making it part of your exercise programme offers a range of benefits including reduced muscle stiffness and soreness, faster recovery from exercise and the ability to train more frequently, as well as improved posture and injury prevention.
Massage is a great tool to help recover from pain & injury. However the best time to receive massage is before you get injured! Having less tension in your body feels great & I really do believe that the less tension you have you are less likely to get injured. Massage is great for tension headaches, let the stress melt away.
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