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Just some of our Happy Customers

Angela Morton
I've been going to Lesley Lattimer for sports massage for some time now. She is professional, approachable and helps you find ways to help yourself. Looks after you, and finds where the issues are likely to be. Gave me acupuncture on my calves, and that was a revelation, me being a bit of a needlephobe. I'm a runner, her therapies and nutritional advice have helped overcome some of the niggles I experience. I would recommend anyone who needs deep tissue massages for anyone to need sports therapy.
Jack MeNeil
Lesley is awesome. I went with a long term sciatica complaint. she used a variety of techniques to help and was very helpful investigating and treating me. I'm now in a position mainly thanks to Lesley that I can work towards being pain free. I would recommend talking to her/going to see her without hesitation.
Jeanette L Wistow
I started doing Pilates in November as I had heard it was very good for people who suffer with ME and Fibromyalgia. I am in constant pain and some days can hardly walk, but after coming here my joints feel much looser and I now have lots more manageable days. Lesley is a very nice lady and makes you feel welcome and comfortable and talks to you after and throughout to make sure you are ok.
Sarah Dunwell
Been seeing Lesley for back problems. She is brilliant! Helped me loads and she is very friendly and makes you at ease.
Helen Crompton
Had a massage with Leslie last night, really enjoyed it. Lovely relaxing atmosphere and also very happy that she also gave me exercises/stretches to do to help my back and neck problems, thank you xx
Jessica Williams
Training daily meant I was starting to get a good few niggles, Lesley has sorted them out for me and kept me able to train. Would recommend if you're struggling, get booked in!! Lovely lady 😘
Christine Kirkby
Lesley is very helpful and her advice and knowledge is invaluable. Her Pilates classes are excellent. My sports massage was extremely good. The only downside about going on holiday is missing my Pilates class!!
Alison Hood
Lesley is amazing at what she does! I would recommend to all of my clients 🙌🏻
Russell Graham
Lesley has worked miracles sorting out a very painful big toe knuckle and knees. A few sessions in and I have very little pain now and nealy all the swelling has gone. Can't recommend her enough.
Rispah Cockayne
Lesley is very Professional, friendly and welcoming. She has worked miracles on my back. I had pains on my right back to Gps, referred for an X-ray nothing found. Lesley worked on it first session and pains disappeared. Did my first box and burn class last Saturday and felt nothing, no pains when lifting. Highly recommend her , she knows exactly what to do to release aches and stress. Absolutely fab🙌. Thank you so much.!
Gemma Mitchell
I have suffered with back pain for a couple of years and was struggling to sleep through the night. I put it down to stress and didn't think much could be done. After my first consultation and treatment it was much better and after 3 sessions I was practically pain free which I never expected. Would highly recommend and I will continue with regular massage so I don't go back to square one!
Pam Goodison
Lesley has been brilliant in trying to sort out my back problems. She even adjusted her treatment to suit me as I was suffering from vertigo at the time. Had a very restful nights sleep and this has resulted in me feeling much better overall today. Thank you Lesley ❤️ Deep tissue massage
Caroline Cooper
Brilliant massage, and fantastic service. Lesley really cares for her clients and tailors each appointment for individual needs. I would highly recommend
Hana Soar
I can always count on Lesley to sort out any of my aches and pains! I play sport at a high level which results a lot of strain on my body from games and training so I often end up pretty tense in my neck, back and legs. Lesley is amazing! Lesley really knows her stuff and gives me whatever treatment I need at the time. Whether its acupuncture, cupping, massage or a combo, I always feel 100 times better afterwards because my body got what it needed. 5 stars!
Diane Sockett
Been seeing Lesley for a few years now. I started with a shoulder injury and continued with regular sports massages to keep me mobile. Very knowledgeable and reasonably priced compared to others, with no hidden extras (which can catch you out, as it’s not always made clear at the onset of treatment, and you can incur extra charges). Whether you need just a std sports massage, help for medical reasons, acupuncture or cupping, Lesley is qualified in all fields, and is covid safe.
Charles Moran
Lesley has helped me with managing pain, breathing difficulties (COPD) and preparing for and recovering from a hip replacement over the past couple of years. She has made me feel stronger and more confident. After the operation the anaesthetist congratulated me on my level of preparation. All this is down to Lesley
Andrew Battye
After several months of pain & discomfort in my neck/shoulder area & after seeing various therapists & chiropractors who had made little progress, I made an appointment with Lesley. What I didn't expect was how quickly & efficiently she would get me to a point where the problem became essentially non-existent. Using a combination of deep massage, pressure points & acupuncture I got relief from the pain, which was followed by a loosening & a much improved use of the affected shoulder/neck area. Lesley made me incredibly comfortable during our sessions & was willing to listen to suggestions I made, but was always able to communicate what her aims were in the bigger picture of relieving the pain in the problematic area. Highly recommended & I would certainly not even entertain the thought of visiting anyone else for the treatment of any future problems.
Glenn Brook
Lesley has really helped my NHS rehabilitation along after an injury with knowledgeable massage and therapy. Can't recommend her service enough. Thanks, Lesley!
Seen Lesley throughout my return to fitness. And she never fails to fix my old aches and pains from my rugby days. Can’t recommend her enough 10/10
Claire Louise
Absolutely fantastic consultation and sports massage today, having had shoulder and hip pain for a couple of weeks Lesley listened to all of my concerns. The massage was targeted on my painful areas and felt amazing when releasing the tension in my muscles. I will most definitely be back, best massage I have ever had. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.
Louise Simpson
I always have a great experience with Lesley, I saw big results in just 2 weeks for pain management. I recommend all my friends and family to Lesley! No one better for physio in Sheffield ☺️
Steve Brown
Booked on a word of mouth recommendation. I have been treated with professionalism and respect with a positive attitude towards my recovery from the outset. Back on the golf course Happy days. Many thanks Lesley.
Tony Stopforth
I was recommended by a friend to get in touch with Lesley after suffering a calf strain in a football match. Through Lesley’s treatment and professional advise I was back up and running within about 4 sessions, and I have continued to use lesley’s services since to support my running. I find her knowledge, support and personality very warming and helpful to support my training. I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone else.
Kerrie Kennedy
I was very sceptical when Lesley first suggested 'Shockwave Therapy' to me for the treatment of my chronic, longstanding condition of Plantar Fasciitis - after all I am a Podiatrist dealing with painful feet day in day out, so why didn't I already have this therapy as an option in my own practice? Despite my knowledge and treatment options I was still struggling to walk, so I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't actually find it a pleasant experience at first but the treatment didn't last too long and after around the 3rd treatment I actually did feel that my foot problem was getting worse, but Lesley said to give it time and to continue with a few more sessions, so I did. After 6 sessions I went on holiday and walked over 10'000 steps per day - pain-free in flip-flops, unbelievable - this treatment had got rid of my Plantar Fasciitis and now I recommend it to my patients who visit me with this painful condition. Thankyou Lesley - you definitely know what you are talking about, always professional in your conduct and go the extra mile to get people like me pain-free.
Vanessa Mammone
Having had 3 years of chronic back pain, my friends suggested a sports massage over physio to try and help. After careful research I settled on Lesley Lattimer and I am so glad I did! After just two sessions I feel like I am moving better and I am looking forward to continuing my treatment with her. Highly recommend Lesley.
Jord B
Lesley is so welcoming and knowledgeable I had a free consultation based around my issues and what to do moving forward, I’m only 3 sessions in and already seen a huge improvement in my problem areas improving my life style. Lesley is very accommodating and helpful with a passion for her work and it shows , I’d highly recommend her to anyone and guarantee results.
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