Cancer and Exercise

Exercise before, during and after treatment is now recognised as being beneficial, to get your body strong for all stages of your treatment.  This is tailored to you and your needs and even how you feel on the day.  The aim is to spread the news that massage  and exercise is ok for those with cancer.

The accreditation I have is the first in the country and has been designed in conjunction with the Cancer Support Service at Weston Park hospital, and we have close connections with them.

Please wear or bring shorts and a T-shirt. Your dignity is respected at all times, and each person is an individual and your massage and rehab is designed for you.

Feel Better

One of the main reasons people with cancer use massage is because it helps them feel good. It is a way they feel they can help themselves. Generally, massage therapy can help lift your mood, improve your sleep and enhance your well being. There is some evidence to help support these benefits.

Exercise is encouraged to keep you strong, during, before and after treatment.

improve or prevent the decline in physical function without increasing tiredness (fatigue) and improves aspects of psychological wellbeing during and after cancer.

Loved ones supporting you can benefit as well

Loved ones also need some relaxation and me time to help them cope with looking after loved ones.

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

These benefits are spelled out in a review of medical research carried out by Macmillan to accompany a survey of cancer patients’ physical activity. These benefits, identified in systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials, include improvements in physical function and psychological wellbeing.

Macmillan has also highlighted a developing body of evidence from cohort studies which has suggested that regular exercise could reduce the risk of some previously treated cancers from returning, and this in turn, improves survival rates. Macmillan cites research that found that people who took regular exercise had:

  • about 40% lower risk of breast cancer returning
  • about 50% lower risk of colon cancer returning or dying of colorectal cancer
  • about 30% lower risk of men dying from prostate cancer

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